• Fahima H.

You are capable and deserving of living the life you want.

Have you ever attempted to take a step towards your goals, your passions and dreams? However you never got to making it happen or even attempting it because when you wanted to take the first step you were greeted with your fears, insecurities and doubts. Your mind was filled with all the reason why you should not do it, you were outnumbered so you caved and gave in to these barriers that you have placed in front of yourself. I know this feeling all too well; I was met with these doubts, fears and insecurities. I had to do the deep work and try to figure out where they stemmed from. I started to challenge these feelings, I learned to change my self limiting believes that I had. I was able to look my fears in the face and facing your fears does not mean that the fear is gone, it means that you are facing it despite the presence of it. Therefore go for it, even if you are trembling, go for it, even if your heart is racing, go for it! I started believing in myself and believing that I was capable and deserving of going after the life that I wanted and I know you can do the same.

You have got to stop the negative thoughts in their tracks; remove the barriers that you have placed in front of yourself. You are capable of so much; do not allow your insecurities to minimize your skills and talents. Do not rob the world of the greatness that you have imprisoned inside of you, let it shine through. Do not let doubt in because doubt is the destroyer of dreams. Always remember that life is fleeting and time waits for no one, therefore go after the life you want because you are capable and deserving of it.

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