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The Journey Within!

There are people that are far to patient and put up with situations for far too long. You do not need to be patient to disrespect. You do not need to be patient to unkindness. You do not need to be patient to rudeness. You do not need to be patient to disloyalty. You must realize that you cannot value someone who doesn't value you.

You need to start being patient with yourself. You need to be patient with your healing. Start putting all the energy and love into yourself and realize that you are worthy of respect, love and loyalty. You only accept the love you feel that you deserve, that is why it is crucial and important to start loving yourself. Heal from your past traumas; be gentle and kind with yourself. A lot of people always put others needs and wants before their own and when you do this people will continuously be asking you to pour from your cup without having to fill yours and this will leave you empty. That is why you it is important to fill your own cup with self love, self worth and this happens when you engage in self-care.

Always keep in mind that a healthy relationship is about both parties nourishing and caring for each other. If a relationship leaves you feeling broken and empty, it is not the right relationship for you. It is crucial that you stop looking to others for happiness because you will be searching for a lifetime. True happiness is an inside job and no one can do that for you. It is your job to go on a journey within yourself and make yourself happy. Once your foundation of selflove is strong you will find the love you are worthy of because you will not accept anything or anyone unworthy of you.

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