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How to overcome your fears.

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Everyone at some point in their lives have experienced fear, some fears can be paralyzing, some fears can make us feel isolated and alone. Some of us live with our fears daily. We are all fearful of something. We have all experienced crippling fear that made our hearts race, our palms sweaty and at times we have experienced panic attacks due to our fears. However when your fears are getting in the way of living the life you want, that is when it becomes a problem. When your fears keep you away from experiencing life to the fullest, or from trying new things, from taking risks, from having fun, that is when we need to do something about it. It is particularly important to be aware of our fears and how they are negatively affecting your live. You have got to ask yourself what your fears are taking away from you, how are your fears affecting you day to day life. I like many people have allowed my fears to rob moments and opportunities from me, I have succumbed to my fear and this lead me to have anxiety and panic attacks. I have lived many years being controlled by my fears, they have dictated how I lived my life, what I did and did not do. I felt like I was not living the life I truly wanted to live and in order to live the best life possible, I had to figure out where my fears stemmed from, in asking this question I was able to know the source of my fears and that has allowed me to deconstruct it and make sense of it. I realized what my fears were holding me back from and how it was negatively affecting my life and I said no more. I was able to take my power back and start facing my fears, this was not a simple thing to do, it took a lot of work, patience and commitment. I took baby steps and before you know it I was conquering my fears. I had a fear of driving and I took the baby steps to overcome that, first I had to look at what my fears were holding me back from, then I took the steps to overcome it and now I love driving, overcoming this fear of mine has made me feel free and so excited to overcome and conquer my next fear.

Once you realize that Fear is the enemy. It is the thief of all dreams. It robs moments and opportunities from us! Sometimes our fears isolate us and it makes our world very small, sometimes we get trapped by our fears and almost become like a prisoner. That changes today, you need to take your power back and no longer allow your fears to get in the way of living the life you truly want. You must recognize your fears and conquer it. You must kick fear down in order to open doors of hope, dreams and possibilities. You can not allow fear to dictate how you life your life.

Think about things differently. Ask yourself where did your fears stem from? Think about what your fears have taken away from you? You have to understand that fear is is not rooted in reality, so worrying yourself over something that is not based on your reality is nothing but delusions and that is the definition of insanity. Therefore why waste all this time worrying about something that has not occurred and probably wont occur. Once you change your mind set and think about things differently. Every time you have a negative thought, catch yourself and quickly change it into a positive thought. You then need to believe that you are capable of doing it and you are deserving of it. Tell yourself you are confident, you are strong, you are worthy. You are more than your fears, you are more than your worries, you deserve to live the life you want and you will go after what you want despite the fear. Life is too short, as humans we waste so much time worrying about the future that it robs us of living in the present moment. All we have is now and we can’t live in the present moment if we are constantly thinking about the future, so start living in the here and now. Go after your dreams, go travel, go drive, go take the plunge. Facing your fears does not mean that the fear is gone, but you are doing it despite feeling fearful and that is very rewarding. If you find yourself having a panic attack, take a time out, collect your thoughts and calm yourself down. Count 1-10, tell yourself your fears are not rooted in reality, change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

You can take baby steps to help you overcome your fears. First visualize yourself doing what you are most fearful of, keep visualizing it. Then take a small step toward overcoming it for example if you have a fear of driving like I did, go drive in an empty parking lot with an experienced driver and then you can drive around your neighborhood, then on the local road and when your ready during rush hour time. If you are afraid of getting on a plane, try taking a flight that is one hour travel time, and then you can go to another destination that a couple of hours away and then keeping adding more time to the flying time until you are completely comfortable. You can do the same for pretty much everything you are afraid of, take baby steps until you feel comfortable to take the big step. Every time you have taken a step to overcome your fears, reward yourself, write a journal how you are feeling before you attempted to over come your fear and how you feel after your have accomplished it. Always keep in mind that facing our fears does not mean that the fear is gone, but it means that we are doing it despite our fears. Therefore do it even if you are trembling, even if your heart is racing, do it and you will be glad that you did. Because as the saying goes, “everything great is on the other side of fear”.

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